Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Virgo Cluster Galaxies

Well over a thousand galaxies are known members of the Virgo Cluster, the closest large cluster of galaxies to our own local group. In fact, the galaxy cluster is difficult to appreciate all at once because it covers such a large area on the sky. This careful wide-field mosaic of telescopic images clearly records the central region of the Virgo Cluster through faint foreground dust clouds lingering above the plane of our own Milky Way galaxy. The cluster's dominant giant elliptical galaxy M87, is just below and to the left of the frame center. To the right of M87 is a string of galaxies known as Markarian's Chain. A closer examination of the image will reveal many Virgo cluster member galaxies as small fuzzy patches. Sliding your cursor over the image will label the larger galaxies using NGC catalog designations. Galaxies are also shown with Messier catalog numbers, including M84, M86, and prominent colorful spirals M88, M90, and M91. On average, Virgo Cluster galaxies are measured to be about 48 million light-years away. The Virgo Cluster distance has been used to give an important determination of the Hubble Constant and the scale of the Universe. via NASA http://1.usa.gov/1K3mtQK

One of my first successful long exposure shots. (Featuring Garden of the Gods) [3341x5076]

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Photo by @irablockphoto (Ira Block) The hand of Chinggis Khaan holding his golden whip at Tsonjin Boldog in Mongolia. In the background are Mongolian gers or yurts. @thephotosociety #chinggiskhanstatue #chinggiskhan #Mongolia #yurts #gers #galaxys6 by natgeo

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Photo @ladzinski / A long exposure extenuating rapidly rising clouds and quickly changing weather at high altitude on #MountKilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa's tallest mountain. Only 3° south of the equator, Kilimanjaro has stable weather most of the year, minus the rainy season seen here, which is unusual for a mountain this size. Climbing this mountain passes you through 5 distinct ecosystems, endemic flora and unbelievable views, it's a must do if you ever get the chance! @3stringsproductions by natgeo

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The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has a camera so powerful that it is able to photograph the Curiosity rover from orbit. [2286x1510]

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Bob Dylan - House Carpenter

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Hubble's sharpest image of the Orion Nebula [1280 x 1280]

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Photograph by @thomaspeschak A endemic Socotra cormorant comes in to land on a roosting rock deep within the Fjords of Oman's Musandam Peninsula. Photograph from my 2012 @natgeo magazine story Seas of Arabia. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative by natgeo

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Morning in Montmartre by vutheara

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Photo by @TimLaman. Beauty in the micro-world. Detail of soft coral polyps off Bali. Indonesia has the world’s greatest marine biodiversity. To see more from my Underwater Indonesia project follow @TimLaman. #megadiversity, #Bali, #Indonesia, #scubadiving, @thephotosociety, @natgeocreative, @TimLaman. by natgeo

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Photo by Michael Yamashita. @yamashitaphoto. Dawn in #Zanzibar: fishing dhows head for the open seas. #Matemwe #Tanzania #swahilicoast @thephotosociety @natgeocreative by natgeo

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Joffre Lake, British Columbia - Canada ✨������✨ Picture by ✨✨@ArturStanisz✨✨ Good morning world ������ by wonderful_places

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“I’m studying overseas at a small college in Minnesota. I’m just home for the summer. There’s definitely more outward freedom in the states to wear what I want and do what I want. But I never feel completely at ease because there are only three Pakistanis at my school, and I feel that everything I do reflects on my family, my religion, and my country. I feel pressured to always be exceedingly polite and well behaved, even when I don’t feel like it. But in Pakistan I can relax more, even though the electricity sometimes goes out and I’ve already been mugged twice since I’ve been back. Because here I feel like my actions only reflect on me.” (Hunza Valley, Pakistan) by humansofny

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Photo by @petekmuller/@prime_collective. A hiker walks along the edge of the volcanic crater on the top of Mount #Nyiragongo in eastern DR #Congo. The summit stands at 11,382 feet (3470m) and the main crater is approximately 2 kilometers wide. The last 300 meters of climbing are a bit of a scramble up trails of loose volcanic rock. At night, the summit temperature hovers around or just below freezing. The hike to to top is only 5 miles (8 km) but the steep incline of the second half of the climb slows the process. #Africa #DRC #RDC #Goma #nature #mountains #volcano #adventure #hiking #virunga #virunganationalpark by natgeo

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���������� // @redflagmagazine for @westerlind_us by zachallia

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Photo by @davidalanharvey . Outer Banks N Carolina. Blue Moon. #outerbanks by natgeo

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“My father passed away a year before I got married. I wish he could have lived to see me start my own family. After God, he was my god. There was no infrastructure here when I was growing up, so we lived through very hard times and often there was no food. But he’d do whatever he could to make us forget. One night he organized an entire musical. We couldn’t afford instruments so we pretended that we had them. Every one in the family had a role. I was the star.” (Hunza Valley, Pakistan) by humansofny

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photo by / @drewtrush / Skillet Glacier in Grand Teton National Park is one of 12 remaining glaciers in the park. It is located on Mt. Moran, named after the artist Thomas Moran. In 1871, Moran joined the Hayden expedition which set out to explore the Yellowstone region. It was Moran’s sketches published in Scribner’s Monthly along with the photographs of William Henry Jackson that helped bring national attention to this area of the country, and in turn help President Ulysses S. Grant consider the area for the world’s first National Park. You can still view early artists like Moran and their interpretations of the landscape to get inspired yourself at places like The National Museum of Wildlife Art of the United States / @wildlifeartjh / if you’re in the area. #greatideas #greateryellowstoneecosystem #wy125 #earlyinfluence #bigwonderfulwyoming @natgeocreative @thephotosociety by natgeo

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“I admired her from afar for a while, and eventually summed up the courage to tell her my feelings. She told me that she felt the same way. This was before cell phones, so at first our meetings were limited to random interactions on the street. But then we both got mobiles and started talking on the phone. Eventually she told me that she wanted to marry me. I sent my mother to ask her family for permission, but they didn’t think I was a suitable match. They were a higher class of people. They were educated. Her father was a business owner. I tried to plead with them: ‘I’m not paralyzed,’ I told them. ‘I work. Why am I not good enough?’ But I was never given an answer.” (Hunza Valley, Pakistan) by humansofny

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Photo by @stephenwilkes: A hiker takes in the incredible views that the Grand Canyon has to offer. This natural wonder holds over 1 billion years of rock. Isn’t that mind boggling?! In my next #DayToNight, I will show the Grand Canyon transition from #sunrise to #sunset—the photograph will appear in National Geographic in just a few months! #GrandCanyon #NatGeo #gooutside #landscape #hiking by natgeo

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The Eye of Super Typhoon Soudelor

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Colossal Ring of Galaxies --"Largest Object in the Universe Spans 5 Billion Light Years!"

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Pluto, Nix and Hydra - Triptych - Acrylic Painting [OC] [2518 x 2518]

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My first attempt at a Milky Way Pano. - Minnesota [3269 x 1500] [OC]

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The barred spiral galaxy NGC 613 [4016 x 4020]

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Algae Bloom in Lake St. Clair

On July 28, 2015, the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on the Landsat 8 satellite captured images of algal blooms around the Great Lakes, visible as swirls of green in this image of Lake St. Clair and in western Lake Erie. via NASA http://1.usa.gov/1MKBdJf

Neutron Star Jets Near Speed of Light --"Rival Those of Black Holes"

via The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel: Sci, Space, Tech http://bit.ly/1MK7L6Z

Early Earth --"Evidence Discovered of First Reproduction in Complex Organisms"

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Milky Way in Fog [5109x3406][OC]

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First MSG-4 image

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Tracking downunder

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Photo by Pete McBride @pedromcbride // Marble Canyon of the Grand Canyon National Park — a place that once had a proposed 310-foot dam proposal but was turned down due to public outrage and hard work of many. This reflective spot is one of my favorite realms inside this rock world. #chasingrivers #conservation #Coloradoriver #marblecanyon #reflection #oars by natgeo

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photo by / @drewtrush / Perhaps one of the most photographed ungulates of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the Moose was fairly uncommon here until the late 1800’s and even early 1900’s in the Tetons. Today, after years of decline Moose numbers may be stabilizing in the areas around Grand Teton National Park where I photographed this young cow. Debate surrounds methodology used to count moose during the winter months. To learn more, click on the link in my bio to read more about the Moose at nationalgeographic.com. Follow along with me @drewtrush to see more images from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. #wy125 #grandteton #gtnp #nationalparks #gye #greateryellowstoneecosystem #bigwonderfulwyoming #wildlife #wildlifephotography #photography #nofilter #photooftheday #amazing #instamood #animals #beautiful #picoftheday #picture #moose #beauty #nature #igdaily @thephotosociety @natgeocreative by natgeo

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Follow @NakedPlanet for more incredible travel/nature photos! Na Pali Coast, Kauai by @stephenvalido by wonderful_places

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Sunrise from Glacier Point by kdkuiper

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Photo by / @melissalesh and @tbfrost / a saltwater crocodile rests beneath the surface of the water in a billabong in Northern Australia. Crocodiles are extraordinary hunters, the worlds best after humans. A sixteen foot, 1500 pound crocodile can remain undetected in as little as three feet of water. For more cool crocodile photos from my nat geo crocodile project, please follow me @tbfrost by natgeo

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Monday, August 3, 2015

A Proton Arc Over Lake Superior

The setting had been picked out -- all that was needed was an aurora. And late last August, forecasts predicted that an otherwise beautiful night sky would be lit up with auroral green. Jumping into his truck, the astrophotographer approached his secret site -- but only after a five hour drive across the rural Upper Peninsula of Michigan. What he didn't know was that his luck was just beginning. While setting up for the image, a proton arc -- a rare type of aurora -- appeared. The red arc lasted only about 15 minutes, but that was long enough to capture in a 30-second exposure. As the name indicates, proton arcs are caused not by electrons but by more massive protons that bombard the Earth's atmosphere following an energetic event on the Sun. In the featured image, the yellow lights on the horizon are the city lights of Marquette, Michigan, USA. The blue and yellow rocks in the Lake Superior foreground are lit by a LED flashlight. Also captured, to the left of the red proton arc, was the band of our Milky Way Galaxy. via NASA http://1.usa.gov/1M8l29z

photo by @joelsartore | A red-fronted lemur at the Plzen Zoo in the Czech Republic. Please follow me at @joelsartore for more photos. #joelsartore #beautiful #photooftheday #czech #photoark by natgeo

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“Sorry, my English is not good. I’m here to climb mountains. I left my husband and sweet childrens back in Austria.” (Hunza Valley, Pakistan) by humansofny

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Photo by @jimmy_chin / @merufilm Our quiet unassuming camp below Shivling and Meru (hidden behind the clouds) in the Garwhal Himalaya. Little did we know what an adventure of a lifetime lay ahead....and who would have thought the journey would take us this far. Watch what unfolds next in the Sundance Audience Award winning feature documentary @merufilm. #MeruFilm is releasing nationwide in theaters August 14. Give a follow at @merufilm or check merufilm.com for updates on a theater near you. by natgeo

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A male baby orangutan named Dalai lies in the arms of his mother Daisy at the zoo in Dresden, Germany on July 30, 2015. One week ago the female orangutan gave birth to Dalai and has since then recovered from the birth in camera. Photograph by Arno Burgi of DPA—Corbis. by time

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Photo by @Hammond_Robin "I'm lonely, homeless, in fear, why? Because I decided to be who I am. Well who I am? I am Abinaya Jayaraman, Transwoman, my gender is my identity and why I'm punished." Abinaya is a #transgender woman from #Malaysia. Because she identifies as a woman, she has been disowned by her family. #Discrimination in her work place forced her to resign. Living in extreme poverty, she says, she had no choice but to become a sex worker to survive. Overwhelmed by loneliness she attempted suicide. Abinaya shared her story for the #WhereLoveIsIllegal campaign, a platform for #LGBT stories of survival. To read her testimony, go to @WhereLoveIsIllegal and follow the link in the profile. You can also see how to share your own experience of #discrimination and #survival and how you can support. This is a @witness_change project. #loveislove #iamwhoiam @lavernecox @caitlynjenner This week, Proof, National Geographic’s online photography journal, interviewed #RobinHammond about the production of Where Love Is Illegal. www.proof.national geographic.com #natgeoproof To see more stories of survival follow @WhereLoveIsIllegal by natgeo

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"I just found out we've been evicted. Right after you leave, I'm going to start packing up. I've got to find my family a new place to live by tonight. The landlady is a good woman. She's just in a tough situation. Her disabled son lost his home. I'll handle it. I've been through worse." (Hunza Valley, Pakistan) by humansofny

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Photo @pedromcbride // Patterns of velvet antlers on a bull moose which recently migrated south to Maroon Lake in #Colorado. #wilderness #moose #bullwinkle #petemcbride @thephotosociety by natgeo

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“My life is on repeat, every day. This area is surrounded by water, but my village has no access, so every morning I make a two-hour trek to the glacier so we have something to drink. During the day I work to maintain this road. I get $100 a month. In the winter, I make daily trips to cut wood so we can stay warm. I can’t leave this land because it’s all I have. There is no happiness or sadness in my life. Only survival.” (Passu, Pakistan) by humansofny

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“He’s a very respectful husband. He’s different from a lot of the men in this region. He never stops me from voicing my opinions. And if he ever notices me walking down the road, there’s always hot tea and apricot cake waiting when I arrive. (Passu, Pakistan) by humansofny

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Photo by @yamashitaphoto: along the coast of Vietnam, fishermen use bamboo basket boats to set and check their nets. They can carry heavy loads, are highly maneuverable and virtually unsinkable. #fishermen #Vietnam #bamboo #basketboats @thephotosociety @natgeocreative by natgeo

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photo by @joelsartore | A four-toed jerboa at the Plzen Zoo in the Czech Republic. Please #follow @joelsartore to see more photos. #joelsartore #beautiful #photooftheday #photoark #czech by natgeo

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Along the banks of the Seine by vutheara

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Image by @beverlyjoubert. There are few sights as breathtaking as a lion in his prime. The epitome of strength and an icon of Africa. However lion numbers have dropped to worrying levels with a 95% loss in the past 60 years. Lions need our help and we want you to give them a high five for World Lion Day on August 10. Share your #5ForBigCats images and if you can, donate $5 to National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative http://bit.ly/1Il0qEG The world has shown how much we all care about the fate of big cats this past week. We can really make a positive change. #lions #bigcats #causeanuproar #5forBigCats by natgeo

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